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Grevillee & Leptospermum

Bush flowers, wildflowers, Aussie natives - whatever you call them, you love them! And we have much species and variety for you to choose from. Natives attract wildlife, look beautiful, and stand up to a range of challenging climates. 

The spread of Australian plants in Europe has certainly been made by choosing among the most spectacular plants, with very decorative and showy blooms; but one of the reasons why many plant producers have turned to the plants of that distant continent is to be found also in the climate: dry and torrid summers, cold and scarce rainy winters, associated with rainy middle seasons, make many areas of the Australia places so similar to the European coasts that they can cultivate the plants without problems. In addition to this many Australian plants are very well adapted to exposure to sunlight, produce flowers during the winter or at the arrival of the first spring warm; these characteristics have made them very suitable for the audience of European enthusiasts, who already in February wish to have a flower garden.

Over the years, many plant producers have contributed to expanding the range of Australian plants available for Italian gardens, adapting species that could only survive in Mediterranean areas to winter climates in the north-central area.

The genera Leptospermum and Grevillea are among the most cultivated and appreciated.


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