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The Strelitziaceae

The Strelitziaceae comprise a family of monocotyledonous flowering plants, very similar in appearance and growth habit to members of the related families Heliconiaceae and Musaceae (banana family). The Strelitziaceae include three genera, all occurring in tropical to subtropical regions: Strelitzia with five species in southern AfricaRavenala with a single species in Madagascar, and Phenakospermum with a single species in northern South America. The best-known species is the bird-of-paradise flower Strelitzia reginae, grown for its flowers worldwide in tropical and subtropical gardens, and a well-known flower in floristryThe other species of Strelitzia have less colourful flowers and are grown instead for their striking foliage. Also grown for its foliage is the traveller's tree, Ravenala madagascariensis.

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