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"Cipressino" oliv tree

Olea europaea ‘Cipressino’ is a vigorous upright tree, getting its name from its similarity to the habit of the pencil-like Italian cypress. It is a very strong tree showing good resistance to coastal and sea conditions. It requires a pollinator to produce abundant olives.

This cultivar has its origins in Apulia, in South Italy as it was initially spread in the Taranto area with the dual purpose of wind breaking and for oil production. It is a plant with a great vegetative vigor and with a rapid and robust growth, an erect posture and dense foliage. It sprouts from the bottom, forming a columnar structure with long branches and shoots; that’s why it is particularly ideal as a windbreak.

  • Category Olea Europea
  • Families Oleaceae
  • Genus Olea
  • Species europea "Cipressino"
  • Geographical Area of Origin Mediterranean Europe
  • Climatic Zones Mediterranean: South and islands, hills. USDA 10 a
  • Habit Tree
  • Leaves Lanceolate leaf
  • Colore Foglie Verde   Grigio
  • Flowering Period March / April
  • Flower Simple flower
  • Colore Fiori Bianco
  • Favorite soil Neutral / Middle-Dough / Medium soil
  • Water needs Low / little water / Medium
  • Light Exposure Full light / Full sun
  • Form Clay pot /Terracotta /Earthenware pot / Bowl / Bonsai / Wired on stick / Plant on cane / Pom-pom shaped / Pyramid / Fitocella / Inverted cone / Tree / Spiral / Grown as shrub / bush
  • Colore Frutti Verde   Viola
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