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The "Femminello White Blossom" lemon

This is probably a vegetative mutation of the Femminello Comune variety, known since ancient times and still widely grown in Sicily today.

This particularly productive cultivar differs from the others in both the colour of its flowers, which are white, and its young shoots, which are an attractive pale green, like those of the orange, rather than the typical purplish colour.

The tree is fairly vigorous, with elliptic leaves with a slightly rounded tip, and sometimes thorns on the branches. The medium-sized fruit is elliptic with a rounded base and thick, pale yellow rind. The leaves tend to drop if the temperature falls close to freezing point.

  • Category Citrus
  • Genus Citrus
  • Species limon "Zagara Bianca"
  • Families Rutaceae
  • Habit Tree
  • Climatic Zones Mediterranean USDA 10
  • Leaves Persistent Foliage Seeds
  • Flower Simple flower
  • Geographical Area of Origin Mediterranean Europe
  • Flowering and Fruiting Period April March
  • Form Tree
  • Color Flower / Leaves / Fruits White
  • Parfumed yes
  • Favorite soil Sub-acid Middle-Dough
  • Water needs Medium Low
  • Light Exposure Full light Medium shade
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