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Who we are

In the splendid setting of the Aeolian Islands is the headquarters of the Milazzoflora Florovivaistico Consortium, created by the will of a group of producers who aim to provide, in addition to quality products, also a logistic service to further enhance the productions that are the result of appreciated experience and professionalism. on all national and international markets.

Milazzoflora offers its customers a commercial operational headquarters, managed by a staff always attentive to all customer needs, and a wide range of horticultural products (Mediterranean, tropical and sub tropical plants, etc.) fruit of the 120 species grown on a total area of ​​80 hectares (of which 31 hectares in a protected environment).

The availability of 870 types of ornamental potted plants presented in a single price list allows to combine the high quality of the same productions with the various and growing needs of a rapidly evolving market with reference to ever faster services and concentration of the offer. .

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