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The Imperial lemon

The Imperial lemon is thought to be a lemon and grapefruit hybrid. Its fruit is slightly larger than a lemon and has a more rounded shape. This variety became widespread in the 1970s .

It is an evergreen, spinescent plant, with large leaves of an intense green color, very re-flowering throughout the year, but which never bears abundantly and has very showy fruits. The flowers are large, white, very fragrant, arranged mainly in clusters. It can reach up to 15 meters in height and is a little less resistant to the cold than lemon.

The fruits of the Imperial Lemon are very large and can reach 10-15 cm in diameter. They have a shape similar to grapefruit, but are more elongated and of a beautiful yellow color. The peel is yellow, smooth and rich in essential oils. The pulp, also yellow, is juicy, tasty and less acid than lemon with a touch of grapefruit bitterness.

  • Category Citrus
  • Families Rutaceae
  • Genus Citrus
  • Species limon "Imperiale"
  • Geographical Area of Origin Mediterranean Europe
  • Climatic Zones Mediterranean: South and islands, hills. USDA 10 a
  • Habit Tree
  • Leaves Evergreen
  • Colore Foglie Verde
  • Flowering Period March / April / May
  • Flower Simple flower
  • Colore Fiori Bianco
  • Favorite soil Sub-acid / medium acid / Middle-Dough / Medium soil
  • Water needs Low / little water / Medium
  • Light Exposure Medium shade / Half shade / Full light / Full sun
  • Form Tree
  • Colore Frutti Giallo
  • Parfumed yes
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