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ZANTHOXYLUM...let's talk about

15 October 2021
Zanthoxylum is a perennial woody deciduous member of the Zanthoxylum genus in the family Rutaceae.
Zanthoxylum beecheyanum 😊 Fagara alata var beecheyana) is a Rutacea native to the Far East.
Highly appreciated for its proportions. Thanks to the harmony of the proportions, the very small leaves of intense green color and the peculiar bark, which already gives it a mature air at an early age, is a species particularly indicated in bonsai art. It looks like a small shrub with glossy green foliage, which gives off an intense citrus fragrance when rubbed. Its berries, similar to those of pink pepper, are used in oriental cuisine to flavor dishes.
The plant can be grown in almost all of Italy because it is a plant that tolerates both the great summer heats and cold spells up to about - 5 ° C. It should be exposed in full sun, but it can also be good in partially shaded places.
The soil must be neutral or alkaline (not acid), fertile and well drained, because it cannot stand water stagnation. Zanthoxylum must not suffer from drought for prolonged periods: in spring and summer it is necessary to wet regularly and check that the soil is always a little wet.
At the beginning of spring the dead or damaged branches are removed; in the same period containment topping can be done to give a precise shape to the plant.


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