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Orange trumpetvine

Pyrostegia venusta, also commonly known as flamevine or orange trumpetvine, is a plant species of the genus Pyrostegia of the family Bignoniaceae originally endemic to Brazil, but nowadays a well-known garden species. Reaches 7-8 meters long, the foliage is composed of green leaves, composed of 2 or 3 leaflets, opposite, with a length of 4 to 8 cm and with tendrils of 3 branches. The orange-red flowers are arranged in dense branches and have a length of 5 to 9 cm. It blooms from September to March. The fruits are soft brown capsules 3 dm long.

  • Category Outdoor flowering plants
  • Families Bignoniaceae
  • Genus Pyrostegia
  • Species venusta
  • Geographical Area of Origin South America
  • Climatic Zones Sub-tropical, USDA 10 b (Southern Italy and islands)
  • Habit Shrub-climber
  • Leaves Semi-evergreen
  • Colore Foglie Verde
  • Flowering Period January / February / March / April / December
  • Flower Tubular
  • Colore Fiori Arancione
  • Favorite soil Sub-acid / medium acid / Middle-Dough / Medium soil
  • Water needs Medium
  • Light Exposure Medium shade / Half shade / Full light / Full sun
  • Form Wired on stick / Plant on cane / Pyramid
  • Colore Frutti Marrone
  • Parfumed yes
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