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The Lemox is a triploid hybrid obtained by crossing the Femminello lemon x Pear lemon hybrid (1952-36B-69) with the Double Lentini lemon, developed and patented by the researchers at the CRA-ISAGRU of Acireale (CT). The plant is average sized, with a spreading growth habit and many medium-sized thorns.
The completely seedless, elliptic fruit is yellow when ripe, with fine-grained rind. It starts to ripen during the first ten days of October, when most of the fruit reach an average weight of 120 g.
The Lemox can be considered the first hybrid with fruit characteristics very similar to those of the true lemon.

  • Category Citrus
  • Genus Citrus
  • Species lemox (Limone Femminello x Pera del commendatore)
  • Families Rutaceae
  • Habit Shrub
  • Climatic Zones Sub-tropical, USDA 10 b (Southern Italy and islands)
  • Leaves Evergreen
  • Flower Simple flower
  • Geographical Area of Origin South-East Asia
  • Flowering and Fruiting Period September / August / July / June / May / April / March
  • Form Tree
  • Colore Fiori Bianco
  • Colore Foglie Verde
  • Colore Frutti Giallo
  • Parfumed yes
  • Favorite soil Sub-acid / medium acid / Middle-Dough / Medium soil
  • Water needs Medium
  • Light Exposure Full light / Full sun / Medium shade / Half shade
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